Very early E serial Squier Telecaster made by Fujigen Gakki in 1985 (from pot date code). This model was offered only in 1985 before it became the TL354. This guitar feels, plays and sounds on par with many of the JV serial Fender telecasters I have owned. The neck is amazing. I believe the body is alder but could be ash, from the weight of it. Really nice sounding Japanese pickups with high-end electronics, top loading bridge with individual string saddles and Gotoh tuners. There is buckle rash, areas where finish is worn, scratched and chipped and some hardware is tarnished or shows corrosion. For its lowly status this humble Squier offers a remarkable value for players and collectors alike and will make you reevaluate the standards of quality for Japanese made Fender instruments from this era.

Weight: 8 lbs/3.6 kg

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Rising Sun Guitars

Squier by Fender Japan
Very Good
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