Factory refin in 1967. I’m going to be honest, it’s hard to grade condition because of two things. It’s kinda mint for a Fender factory finish fifty one years old. It’s really a fifty seven year old guitar. Has ’61 features: slab board, clay dots, single line Kluson tuners, thin headstock, five digit neck plate, ’61 pots, dark fiber pickups and original ’61 body. But wait…there’s more! Now it has 1967 black logo on thin pre-CBS headstock and a nice three tone finish that lacks the normal fullerplast of 1967 showing a heavy grain light alder body-yes it’s a one piece body with grain that looks like ash. Some flame in the neck, never had other tuners but the original single line Klusons. Even has the original hard case.. Wow! what a find! A slab fretboard pre-CBS Jazzmaster for $4995 Go to for more photos.

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