Originally designed for Rhodes piano, these also make great guitar amps!

CBS owned Fender and Leslie... and this has 10" Fender speakers in it.

A full manual with schematics and set up info is available here

Leslie 60's have a pretty unique sound - not left behind by newer effects. The sound is somewhere between a suitcase vibrato and a rotating speaker, leaning more to former than the later. The sound comes from both cabs with a slight deliberate delay one cab to the next. Cool effect!

On slow it sounds like a chorus. On fast it sounds like a tremolo. What it doesn't sound like, is a pedal!

Here are a couple of links to YouTube videos featuring the Leslie Model 60. The first one is with a keyboard and the second one is with an electric guitar.

clean, good condition, and does include the controller or cables.

These amps have 100 watt total with 50 sent to each side. The control box has a volume and a speed setting for what is an effect of spinning speakers although they do not actually spin. Actually plates of a capacitor are physically moved. You can look them up up on search engines and see all the specs and how the spinning effect is accomplished, or read the manual above. The speed setting can be set to zero and just gives a nice spacious sound with the two speakers. They are quite heavy and will be mailed in two separate packages, one weighing about 65 lbs and the other about 35 lbs.

Nice piece of vintage equipment!

Please note, due to the possible electronics issues with vintage equipment, it is sold as is no returns or complaints. This came from an estate auction, of which I knew the owners, and have no reason to believe that this duo, would have any issues. all sales final, no returns, sold as is, no freight in the lower 48

Year Condition Color Case
Call Very Good black tolex None

Chance McFadden

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