The condition of this Telecaster is ROUGH. The finish is chipped up in so many places, most notably a huge chunk on the back side edge, where the wood is even torn up a good but. There's lots of discoloration, and bubbles in the finish as well. There's plenty of finish cracks, most of which I imagine are just in the finish, but I do see a crack in the wood between the neck pickup and pocket as shown. There is also plenty of dents and other blemishes.

This guitar has been absolutely abused, (which is quite ironic for a "collector reissue" guitar) but still plays and sounds awesome. This is a true testament to just how durrable, and reliable Telecasters truly are.

I can't emphasize this enough, this is in ROUGH cosmetic condition, but everything works great.

Please see pictures for exact condition and details.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!

A Flash Flood of Gear

A Flash Flood of Gear

A Flash Flood of Gear
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