1966 Fender Musicmaster II. This fine example is in Excellent + condition, with very little wear on the original finish. The body is super clean, with no substantial wear or chips, however does feature significant, normal checking. The neck is pristine, still with glossy finish, and zero wear on the frets or fingerboard. Original double line Kuson tuners are tight and free of play.

Fender aficionados will recognize the "II" designation on this guitar. Musicmaster II's are full scale guitars, and therefore much more useful to adult players, vs. the earlier 3/4 scale guitars from earlier years. Astute observers will also note that this guitar has the "E.S." designation, stamped under the guard. This means that the guitar was either a custom order, or perhaps intended for display at the NAMM trade show, so workers at the factory would ensure that everything is perfect on the guitar.

Some cool features of this '66 model are the larger headstock, and these were made very thick in '66, giving these guitars great sustain. And this guitar features the pearl pick guard used for a short time during this period.

The serial number is 146XXX, the weight is 6.4 lbs. Neck date is SEP 66. Pots are coded 304 6642. Original grey bottom pickup measures 6.1K Ohms. Note that the pickup is dated early January '67, so technically this guitar would have left the factory as a '67 model, but notable parts are from late '66, so we consider this a '66. Call it what you want.

The guitar comes in its original case, and unfortunately some 70's hippie genius decided to remove the covering, though leaving the leather ends intact.

This is a fine sounding guitar, and incredibly clean. It would be hard to find a cleaner Musicmaster II from this great era.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Keep the guitar for 48 hours, and if not fully satisfied, return for a full refund minus shipping charge.

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