OK..... changes - paint sanded off with sealer (of some kind) applied. *Original pots destroyed by previous owner experimenting with different knobs and treating them like a Gorilla (shafts pulled out) so they're new BUT cap and jack original. *A wire to jack was replaced (SEE PHOTOS) with VERY clean work. *ALL ELSE ON THIS GUITAR ORIGINAL "under the hood". *I got this with the original vibrato/bridge plate (included) with "lockdown mod", but YEARS ago I ordered a Fender replacement vibrato system which is installed (you can adjust springs to taste as it's "stiff" but bends at the moment), OR put the included lockdown back on). *The arm is a Strat version, but if I have a Mustang arm I'll include it. *Newer Fender DELUXE G&G USA hard case incuded (before G&G started using Asian made hardware). *There's some fretware, but it still plays well.
GREAT opportunity for a vintage Mustang YOU can choose the color and SAVE a LOT of $$! *



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