First time on the market.
100% original down to the last screw.
I’m sure I’m the 1st person to take it apart.
Frets are excellent, as it had flatwounds all its life.
Plays great, sounds great. Very even volume across the strings & up/down the fretboard.
As you can see, the original owners name was Butch. He was proud of that name and wanted everyone to know !!!
The stick-on Butch letters have been removed (included with the bass).
Didn’t pull any finish, but a little discoloration & you can see a light shadow of the letters at certain angles.
I didn’t try very hard at removing that, someone more skilled than I may have bettter luck.’s fine the way it is.
Some normal signs of use, and light checking.
Nice C width neck.
Pickup measures 9.8k
Weighs 8.59 lbs.
Comes with the original hardshell case & both keys !

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