Authentic 1958 Fender gold guard Precision bass

I took possession of this bass in a gig bag at an estate sale many years ago here in California. The body was stripped down to the wood, and the neck was off the bass. It sat for many years in storage as I was unable to find the time to give it any attention. I did determine the pickup was dead and pulled it out with the plan to have it re-wound. Over the years, it unfortunately found a way out of my possession. I do still have the original grounding plate and foam spacers.

I ended up having the guitar completely refurbished by the Fender Doctor in San Jose CA. Original parts still on the bass include: Aluminum anodized Pickguard. This guard is original and was re-anodized to vintage specifications by Peter Kellit in San Jose, who did an abundance of plating work for the Fender Custom shop. Neck - body - tuners - pickguard - bridge - neck plate - both original pickup and bridge covers are still with the guitar - input jack - control knobs - string tree - upper horn strap button - bridge mounting screws - original.

The pickup is a Seymour Duncan vintage replacement - Finger rest and screws are replacements. I don't know the status of the pots as I could not find a date code. Neck - body - frets were all redone by the Fender Doctor in San Jose. Some screws are original and some are replacements. I have not attached the cover plates to the guitar and the original holes are visible but filled. I do not have the original cover plate screws. The body has a pickup cavity date of 3-58. The neck date is smudged but an 8 is still clear. Neck and body on this one fit like a glove and it resonates even with the flatwound strings. This bass is a very light 8.05 pounds. It will arrive in an older reissue Fender tweed case. I do not accept returns but am conservative in my descriptions. This one plays very well, sustains, and is in pristine condition.

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The GuitarBank
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