1963 Fender Precision bass guitar, made in USA, ser. no. L0xxx8; Finish: sunburst, heavy wear; Fretboard: Brazilian rosewood; Frets: minor oxidisation and wear, possible re-fret; Electrics: working, volume pot replaced; Hardware: wear consistent with finish, upper strap button missing, lower strap button replaced, replaced nut; Case: later '60s Fender hard case; Other: neck possibly over-sprayed; Overall condition: fair

*From the estate of Stephen 'Amazing' Field. Stephen used this bass guitar extensively in the band Upp during the 1970s. He toured and supported the Jeff Beck group (Beck, Bogart & Appice) extensively in the UK and Europe, he also toured America

Jeff Beck co-produced an LP for Upp and played with them on many occasions, not least on the television programme 'Five Faces of Guitar', shown on the BBC in 1974 and 'The Old Grey Whistle Test, also on the BBC

Prior to Upp, Stephen played with Clark Hutchinson, both live and in the studio, 'The Soul Scar', blues beat band 'The Skaterlites' and, prior to that, 'Herbie and The Royalists' on their LP 'Soul of The Matter' in 1968. He also played with 'The Kinnetics' and 'Abstracts', and did an abundance of session work in and around London, including some work for Lynsey De Paul

Renowned DJ John Peel described Stephen as 'a musician's musician'

** Sold with CITES certificate no. 564613/01

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