1973 was a very memorable year for me for a couple of reasons. I was 10 years- old and in 3rd grade. My teacher was Ida B. Prather, who later became somewhat of a cultural/ civil rights icon here in Atlanta. It was also the year of my first "official" crush and the lovely young recipient of my affection was named Leslie Wyatt. She had the fairest skin and her face was framed by straight, golden hair. I swear by all that is holy, Leslie Wyatt was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen, but as fate would have it, she would have nothing to do with me. Nope- she liked a boy named Keith Maddox (whose father Jack was my Little League football coach). I loved her and hated him- he had red hair and freckles so I could not, for the life of me figure out why she wouldn't even look my way. Truth be told, I was completely heartbroken and it was Ms. Prather who saw my anguish and took the time to sit down and help me understand what was going on inside my shattered heart. Now, no 10 year- old boy can possibly fathom the intricacies of his first crush, but that dear lady was a tremendous comfort in that particular time in my life. I remember her fondly to this day...

The other great event of 1973 was the time my brother Dale and I found one of my father's Zippo lighters on the floorboard of his van. We felt like we had discovered forbidden gold and after school that day, we made off to the woods next to our house on Jaillette Rd. We were wearing that lighter out and of course, had to make a bonfire. What good was a swiped lighter if you didn't use it to make a bonfire? Well, the end result of that small foray into Scouting skills was, we managed to set the damn woods on fire. The first thing that happened was, the fire quickly spread because it was Fall and everything was pretty dry. Then, one of the neighbors called the Fire Department and before we knew it, there were fire trucks all in front of the house with their sirens going off. At this point, we were both were thinking that we would certainly be shot in front of a firing squad (that's the equivalent of my Father getting a hold of us). So now, my parents have been called home from work, fire trucks are spraying water everywhere, the next door neighbor is pulling chickens out of his chicken house and they're running all over the place. My dad's yelling for Dale and me, but we were too scared to show our guilty little faces and continued hiding. The firemen let the woods burn, but sprayed the houses down so they wouldn't catch and the end result of this entire debacle was that when we did finally show up, my parents were happy to see us because they thought that we could have been trapped in the raging inferno. Seeing that we were not trapped, that raging inferno was transferred to both of our behinds and we were given the longest restriction I can ever remember receiving (which meant that we couldn't play rec football that season. We had to stay home.) I obviously remember that little incident to this day as well...

The above all comes from the memories that always surface whenever we acquire a bass made in 1973. We got this exceptionally clean P- Bass in and as soon as Lee told me it was a '73, I swear my mind just drifted back to the aforementioned time of my life and eventually to the recollection of these events. That's not a bad thing and I'm actually at the point in my life where I think of my boyhood all the time. I guess that's called "gettin' old" and it's cool with me. The pictures speak for themselves- the neck is completely awesome and this bass sounds just like a 3rd-grade crush. Simply wonderful.… "

Year Condition Color Case
1973 Excellent Sunburst Hard


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