Up for sale, a real shop favorite since the day it walked in the door, a 1951 Fender Princeton TV Front Tweed amp. Gosh this little gem sounds sweet, and when you crank it up, it can get downright nasty, too. It checks all the boxes for early 50s Tweed amps for sure!

In great vintage condition with no real damage or serious wear spots on its Tweed covering. Replaced tubes and recapped for reliability. A 3-prong plug has been added for safety. The back panel has been replaced with Plexiglass which looks sharps and gives you visibility into all the handwired goodness of the amp. Original speaker from 1951, serial number 433126.

This amp is totally dialed in with zero issues and it sounds amazing!

Year: 1951

Make: Fender

Model: TV Front Tweed Princeton Amp

Color: Tweed

Serial: 1935

Condition: Very Good

Modifications: All caps replaced, 3-prong plug, Plexiglas back panel

Comments: Great little Tweed Princeton!

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