A 1960 Tweed Princeton which due to some cosmetic issues, won’t break the bank, but electronically is 100% perfect.

Tube chart reads JD, April 1960 and is in good shape. Untouched all original capacitors, transformers, and power cord. Back-panel screws and feet all original. Replacement handle. Overall, tweed is in good shape with the exception of an area on the right front where “Fluffy” had a case of “Cat Scratch Fever”. Wear to the edges should be visible in photos. RCA 5Y3GT, RCA 6V6 dates to 11th week 1957, Slyvania 12AX7, all old, possibly original tubes.

A nice example with the tweed breakup, crunch & tone that these are famous for, with the added tone knob, a definite plus over the tweed champ, in my opinion.

The transformers are all straight & original.

Prior owner felt a 12” speaker would improve the sound, but we all know that’s not true!

To remedy this, I’ve replaced the enlarged baffle board with a redone 8 inch sized black plywood handmade baffle board to match the original spec’s, & reused the original grill cloth, & and popped in a NOS Jensen 8” 1950’s speaker. The original baffle board is included with it’s enlarged hole will be included.

Amp will be very well packed for shipment.

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