Up for your consideration is a 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp. This amp sounds fantastic and has just been gone through by our tech. Under the reverb tank, there were two pieces of paper. A lifetime guarantee for the speaker and an original schematic for the amplifier. After his assessment, with exception of the speaker, we have determined that all of the components are correct, to the best of our knowledge. We are not experts and with that being said we encourage you to review all of our photos to determine the condition and originality for yourself. The cover and foot-switch pictured are also included with this item. This item is part of a 30+ year personal collection and has been off of the market for quite a while.

Date Codes
-The speaker code is 220648, signifying that it is a Jensen, made on the 48th week of 1966. It also has the product number LMI 105.
-The transformer codes are 606-5-42 and 606-5-39.
-The serial number stamped on the back of the chassis is A 07404.
-The tube chart is stamped OG, meaning that this amp was made in July of 1965.
-The reverb tank has the codes, RA0166 & 6545 stamped on it.

Year Condition Color Case
1965 Near Mint Blackface None

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King, North Carolina
5:46 PM
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