So Lee and I are walking down the aisle at a guitar show earlier this year (I forget which show it was) and as we turn the corner, we come up on a dealer playing a regular old Les Paul Standard through this amp. I stopped and grabbed Lee's arm. "Man, this amp sounds pretty awesome." I said. "Whaddaya think?" He stopped and listened for a minute. "Yeah, it does mighty fine." he said. "How much are you asking for the Pro?" he asked the guy playing the guitar. The guy told him and Lee said, "Check it out, Cub." It's at this point where it looks like that scene in "Forrest Gump" where Tom Hanks goes down that Vietnamese tunnel with a flashlight in one hand and a .45 in the other. I'm immediately down on the floor with a flashlight, checking out the date codes on the transformers and looking for any changed parts. I came up out of this amp and stood up with an air of authority. "Nope" I said. "It ain't for us. The speaker washers are not original and it's missing 4 nuts." The guy playing the guitar and Lee just stared at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. "Hey man, the speakers have been in and out." I said. "You know damn well we don't do that." Lee looked over at the guy. "Can you give us a minute?" he said as he pulled me aside.

He looked down at me. "Dude, do you really think it matters that much if the speaker washers are not original? Do you think it makes a difference to the guy that will be playing this amp? What if Joe Bonamassa was using this thing on his next record and as he was laying down a track, the recording engineer stood up and said, "Cut it, Joe. Those speaker washers are not original and I just can't do this. You'll have to find another engineer."" "Man, get over yourself. This is a killer amp and somebody will want it." Dammit, he had me- I've been trained all these years as a Purist Ninja and I guess I've just gotten used to turning my nose up at anything that wasn't all original and dead mint (I even have a costume with a big PN on the chest.) "Ah, you're right." I said. "Let's go scoop this thing up." and I walked over to the guy with an air of authority and said, "We'll take it." Come to find out, he was right and this Pro Reverb is the best sounding amp in the Elk Cave. Changed speaker washers or not, it's one hell of an amp at one hell of a price. We all are never too old to learn a lesson and the one I learned with this amp is, the next time I see a changed speaker washer in an amp this clean and awesome sounding, I'll just keep my trap shut until we get home. That will keep me from getting the stink eye for three days and a lecture on getting over myself. Now I have to go scrub a guitar and put my Purist Ninja costume in the closet. Please give us a shout with any questions or requests but don't ask for "Purist Ninja". He's officially retired...

Year Condition Color Case
1966 Excellent Black Soft


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