Up for sale, a 1968 Fender Showman in excellent, well maintained condition, complete with the matching 1x15 "Tone Ring" piggyback speaker cabinet! The Showman was Fender's flagship piggyback tube amp in '68, the last year of the famed Blackface AB763 circuit that delivers incredible clean power and headroom, with a sweet sounding, versatile preamp. This particular Showman is a rare transitional model with the earliest Silverface cosmetics and "drip edge" aluminum trim on both the head and speaker cab. Under the hood, the circuit is identical to the Blackface Showmans produced the previous year, and the faceplate has the thin black vertical lines framing the Showman name which are one of the only cues that the amp retains the earlier AB763 circuit! Perfect for bass as well as guitar (or any situation where a powerful, clean tube amp is desired), this Showman has an efficiency and clarity that few amps of the era could match, with the crisp top end and incredible wattage handling that only comes with a JBL D130F speaker. This amp has been recently serviced and is ready for stage and studio use!

One very unique and desirable feature of the Showman is the ported Tone Ring speaker cabinet. This large 1x15 enclosure was designed to deliver the clearest, most pure Fender tone with a stock JBL D130F speaker, and as such utilizes a dual baffle board design in which the speaker floats between the baffles, mounted to a metal "tone ring." This elegant design makes the Showman cab work as a closed back, ported enclosure and you'll notice greater range of your EQ controls, ample bass response, and an overall sweeter, balanced tone that you simply can't get with any other Fender cabinet.

The circuit retains all of the original blue molded Ajax tone caps that are a hallmark of the Blackface tone, and the power supply has been professionally recapped so as to ensure correct voltages and trouble-free use for decades to come. There are only a couple newer capacitors in the otherwise stock preamp, and a small label inside the chassis notes that it was serviced on a couple of occasions in the mid-1970s. All of the transformers have date codes from late 1967 and early '68 which matches the codes on the chassis stamp and CTS pots. The amp is loaded with a matched quad of Sovtek 5881 (6L6) power tubes that have plenty of life left. On the rear control plate, a discreet line out jack and volume knob have been added, and this mod connects to the circuit without otherwise modifying the signal path in any way.

This amp sports the original smooth black tolex, which shows its fair share of small scuffs and battle scars from honest use over the decades, but overall still presents quite well. The grillcloth is the original silver sparkle cloth with turquoise stripe, and both the head and cab boast their original metal "Fender" logos. The hardware includes modern Fender reissue chrome tilt-back legs, original piggyback clip bars, and the original handles, chassis straps, and corners. The silver faceplate shows moderate wear, yet still retains the majority of the black and blue text, as well as a full compliment of original witch hat knobs. The right side of the cab has a few small screw holes from where a second set of feet was at one time mounted so that the cab would stand vertically, and additionally, two holes on the top of the speaker cabinet have been filled and tolexed over where additional piggyback inserts were once installed (to accommodate mounting a wider blonde Showman head).

This vintage Fender Showman is complete and ready to be played, with just enough honest wear that you never have to worry about the amp on stage. Discontinued in '68, this Showman is one of the last produced, and sounds every bit as good as its earlier Blackface faceplate brethren. Delivering 85 clean, all tube Fender watts through a JBL D130F speaker, this amp is ideal for guitar, bass or your favorite Fender Rhodes or combo organ.
Year Condition Color Case
1968 Excellent Silverface Drip Edge None

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