Up for sale, a 1977 Fender Vibro-Champ, fully serviced and ready to rock. You get all the crunch of a Champ with the addition of vibrato. A very strong and versatile amp that’s also light and portable.

This amp has a few mods which help bring the price into the range you’d expect pay for a modern Blues Junior. It’s missing the upper back panel and has a new fuse holder. It was once modified with a solid state rectifier but has now been returned to stock. It has a non-original speaker, however, it’s a CTS speaker from 1973.

The amp sounds nice and looks good. If you don’t have a Vibro-Champ in your arsenal, this is your chance!

Year: 1977

Make: Fender

Model: Silverface Vibro-Champ

Color: Black Tolex

Serial: A609552

Condition: Good

Modifications: Upper back panel is missing; replaced power cable: new fuse holder; was modified with a solid state rectifier but now returned to stock; has non-original CTS speaker from 1973

Comments: Late 70s Silverface Vibro-Champ amps are great values!

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Black Tolex
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