Fender Vintage 1979 Stratocaster Sunburst - Used


Aging that can't be faked!! A vintage Strat that plays just as nice as it looks. 

What we think:

This particular guitar is a piece of history, a classic embodiment of the 70's Strat! Every detail about this guitar from the aging and the faded finish to the wear on the neck and hefty slab of Ash just exudes classic Strat mojo! It'd be more than redundant to say you can achieve that vintage Strat tone, this is the real deal! Pickups that have mellowed out over time have brought that biting spank down to a full and rounded pristine clean that sounds beautiful on the edge of breakup. The guitar feels like a solid brick and is more than capable of handling all your musical needs. Don't chase after the imitators, achieve the real classic Strat tone with a truly beautiful vintage Stratocaster!

At some point in this guitars life it has had - fret work, a replacement nut, the middle tone pot switched out. Other than previously stated - guitar is all original. 

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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