Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic 60's Stratocaster - Used


A Fender Custom Shop beauty that plays and sings as sweet as a bird.

What we think:

Condition: This guitar is in great playing condition, with no fret wear. The guitar has one scratch on its back by the tremolo spring cover. As pictured.

Right from the start I really enjoyed the way this particular guitar plays. It has a certain "looseness" to its action that is very supple and inviting to a player. When played lightly it responds like a harp, as if the frets are not even there to inhibit the pure tone of a string held only between two points. I enjoyed its clean tones immensely and found it to have a very classic gritty overdrive tone through a hot amp. If you are looking for a Strat to focus on classic blues, rock or clean tones this is an easy choice. I even found myself tempted to fool around with some older Hank Marvin type riffs on a full clean tone. With classic playability, looks and tone this is one piece that deserves to be taken out of the closet.  

Year Condition
Call Very Good


Sound Pure
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