Fender Custom Shop '57 Relic Mary Kay Strat #R51733 - Used


A perfectly reliced '57 Strat from Fender's Custom Shop!

What we think:

Condition: Used, Great - significant wear and checking consistent with Fender's relicing process. 

Weight: 7.4 lbs. 

Since I've been at Sound Pure, I've had the pleasure of playing quite a few of Fender's Custom Shop guitars and, while they've all had their own particular strengths and charms, this '57 Relic is easily my favorite. For starters, it is extremely acoustically resonant; riffs and licks ring out with as much gusto as big, open chords. At 7.4 lbs, it's light but not too light and somehow the typical Strat contours felt a little bit more tailored to me personally. Falling somewhere between a "U" and a "C", I found the neck to be the perfect size and thickness for me; not too chunky, but plenty to grab onto when you need to dig in. I plugged it into my current favorite tweed amp and was blown away by the tone and responsiveness that this baby could produce, the notes just seemed to explode out of it! It also sports one of the best relicing jobs I've seen in a while, you can honestly believe that this guitar was seriously played in bars and clubs across the country for the last 58 years. Put simply, if I could justify buying another guitar right now, this would be the one! 


Manufacturer Description:

Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop has been a "dream factory," producing guitars that are to playing what Ferraris are to driving. The skilled craftsmen in Fender's Corona, Calif., Custom Shop are known worldwide for their artistry in making guitars that range from the fine to the fantastic. Whether it's building a new custom instrument from the ground up or modifying an existing one, their best is the best.

Fender Custom Shop instruments have been crafted for and with the input of the world's finest players-names like Clapton, Beck, Burton, Cray, Gilmour, Townshend and Vaughan, to name just a few. One could be yours.

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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