With the launch of the Custom Shop in 1987, Fender revamped their American production in California, and they also introduced a very intriguing model: the Strat Plus. At the time, the Strat Plus was the top-of-the-line standard production guitar; it was essentially the finest Fender guitar that was not made in the Custom Shop. In line with Fender’s tradition of innovation, the Strat Plus boasted a litany of cutting edge features and components. Simply put, the Strat Plus was built with the best parts and newest designs Fender had at the time. Interestingly, many of these features have become the modern-day benchmark for both Fender’s American production and its Custom Shop. This 1994 Fender Strat Plus is in excellent condition, and it sports a gorgeous Blue Pearl Dust finish–essentially a metallic blue reverse sunburst. In keeping with the Strat Plus specifications, it features locking tuners, a roller nut, Micro-Tilt neck angle adjustment and a Hipshot tremsetter. Now fairly common, these four innovations allow for precise, accurate tuning and endless flexibility for adjusting the setup. Under the hood, this Strat Plus has three Lace Sensor Gold pickups and a TBX Tone Control (a.k.a “the Claption mod”) to open the guitar’s tonal palette. Overall, its tone is fat and true to the classic strat sound, but it’s also more powerful than most strats, and it is also extremely quiet—even through a finicky vintage amp. This 1994 Fender Strat Plus is an extremely versatile guitar, and although it was cutting edge in its own day, it packs many of the features modern players have come to demand. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.

Year Condition Color Case
1994 Excellent Blue Pearl Dust Original Hard


Telluride Music Company
Tom, Dave and Karen
Telluride, CO
9:29 AM

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