I'm sure this old Strat has some stories to tell-especially the one about the nitwit who decided it needed three mini switches and a rattle can finish. Here's what I know: The neck date is 12/56 and the finish on the neck is original. It is a V profile and very nice if more than a little worn. Plays great. The pickups appear to be original but the harness is not. It now has a five way. The original harness is gone. There is a harness in the case with three mini switches and an extra pot. The guitar was routed (badly) under the guard to accommodate the switches. Fortunately, it's under the guard. The finish is a really amateur ice blue over what appears top be a pro Lake Placid Blue. I don't know what finish was there originally. The LPB looks pro but as far as I know, that finish didn't exist in 57. You could probably remove the ice blue to reveal the LPB if you had that kind of patience. So, what's correct or original...neck plate, pickups and trem block, tuners and pickup covers (bakelite) and the very beat up case. The guard could be correct but I'm sure the original was drilled for the mods. The jack looks correct. What's not correct: Knobs are later (70's?) and the saddles are all replaced with aftermarket. The back plate looks old but not original. If it wasn't such a good player, I'd probably part it out...a 57 V neck is pretty desirable as are 57 pickups and bakelite covers. Body looks like ash.

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