Absolutely incredible 100% original 1957 Fender Stratocaster in excellent condition. An absolute must have in any serious vintage guitar collection. This guitar plays perfectly, sounds amazing and has that classic thick V shaped maple neck with rolled fingerboard edges that just feel so right in your hands when playing. The tone on this beauty is the perfect blend of chime and soul as the famous Abigail Ybarra herself hand wound the pickups on these early guitars at Fender starting in 1956.

1957 was a transition year for the Fender Stratocaster as ABS plastic knobs and covers began to replace the bakelite material used on the guitars built between 1954-1956. Some of these instruments have a blend of each materials based upon what time of year they were built as the shop began to use up the remaining bakelite inventory. 1957 is also the year that Fender began building the bodies with alder wood to lighten the weight and warm the tone a bit more. Only custom finished blonde or black models retained the heavier ash wood for the bodies.

The guitar you see here is an incredible piece of history and an absolute joy to play. Comes with the original tweed hard shell case also in excellent condition.

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