Non-tremolo, or hardtail if you prefer. You want to know the coolest thing about this Strat? No, it's not the original '50s pickguard or the "7-59" body date, or first week of 1959 pot dates. And no, not the fact that it is one of the first ever slab-board Strats. It's not the original pickups (neck is rewound), nor the original neck finish and logo. It's also not because it's a hardtail. Not the original single-line Klusons or great neck profile. It's not the original 3-way that's never been out. Killer tone? Yes, it's got killer tone and a great neck but the coolest thing is that it's 6.5 pounds. An effortless feather. Refinished body, quite well, with a 1960 brown Fender case. We got a new Custom Shop Strat in stock for $25k, so let's see... Don't wait.

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