One owner 1960 Stratocaster, Sunburst, EX++ (9.25), Light weight & 100% Original. I'm calling the condition 9.25 but it's a 10 on the cool chart. The nice lady I bought the guitar from said "It was my husband's pride and joy but he passed away 6 years ago and I finally decided to sell his guitar." There's a couple small wear spots here and there. There's some lacquer worn off the bottom edge of the neck (some nice flame) and some very light fret wear on the first few frets, overall very nice. Just the right condition to be able to relax and play it. The guitar has never been taken apart. I took the back plate off to change strings and take out 2 springs. Maybe I'm dreamin' but I think they sound better with just the 3 springs. For 30 years I've been telling people don't take a vintage guitar apart unless you absolutely have to. I don't care how careful you are, they never go back together exactly the same. The switch is a little stiff but it works OK for me. The pots are fine, not scratchy at all. If you feel like you have to take it apart, be my guest, but I ain't doin' it. The guitar came with a '60s curly cord I will certainly include and every accessory you see in the pictures except the Strap. It is absolutely, positively the correct Fender strap that would have come with this guitar and it just belonged with this guitar so here you go. All 3 tags, the polishing cloth and can you believe the case key in the original envelope. The allen wrench is taped to the inside of the tag. Clean Original Brown Case. Even before you plugged it in, if you held this guitar in your hands, you'd have to have it! "GREAT GUITAR"

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The web is 24/7. Ain't it wonderful. Call for an appointment and you can come to my studio and check out gear.

Personal checks are fine. Out of state checks clear in a day or two now. Wire transfers work well. Sorry, no credit cards.

USPS & UPS mainly. In 45 years I've had one UPS claim and they paid it. I don't like Fed Ex but I'll use them if you want. Don't expect them to pay a claim on a vintage guitar. Proper packing prevents problems. You got to double box expensive guitars and amps.

I don't buy anything I wouldn't want for myself. It's very rare I'll buy something that's not 100% original, but if it has changed tuner buttons or been refretted, I'll tell you. Detailed, accurate descriptions only. Please call for an in hand description. I go to a lot of trouble to pack this stuff right for shipping so it will arrive undamaged. I sell only really nice amps, fully serviced, no return on amps.