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Very cool, refin (body only), L-series Strat. The guitar has an incredible "real" look to it. Firemist gold like I've never seen it done before. The neck is a nice chunky neck for a '65 and the neck is original including the finish except for a pro refret. The guitar is a beautiful, professional, player grade guitar. The plastic is all original, the hardware is original. The only alteration to the body is a very pro, shielding paint job in the pickup routs (see photos), and an almost invisible rout fill in the back pickup area. The pickups are grey bottom, staggered pole, Fender pickups from the early 1970s as are the pots. They ohm out and sound exactly like pickups from the 1960s. There is a 5-way switch installed. The guitar weighs 7.5 lbs. Comes with the original case.


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