Conventional wisdom says CBS messed up the Stratocaster and everything made after 65 is crap but if you trust your ears, you will find otherwise. Yes, the big headstock and bold logo is ugly and the sunburst isn't as nice as it used to be and the plastic insulation on the wires simply must be inferior to the cloth insulation of the old days but your ears will tell you something else. I like pre CBS Strats but the grey bottom pickups from the mid 60's onward are pretty great pickups. The old black bottoms are somewhat anemic next to these bad boys. Does nitro sound different than poly? Does Indian rosewood sound different than Brazilian? You decide and then look at the price differential. You can be a pre CBS snob and save your money as the market rises to negate all your effort or you can buy a 66-71 four bolt and get a great guitar for a fair price. This 70 sounds great and plays beautifully. Pot codes are 69 as are the pickup dates. Serial is 1970; neck date codes from the era are open to interpretation. Condition is 8.5 or so. Very little player wear but the trem plate is missing its corners. Otherwise I'd probably call it a 9. Very nice original case with working springs on the latches.

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