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Mid 72 single string tree Strat, in a color combination that you don’t see too often.
Natural with rosewood board.
Same owner since the late 70’s.
Mostly original.
Neck, body, finish, hardware (with exception of the trem arm) are all original.
It had different pickups & harness installed when I got it, but the original code matched 72 pickups were included. Unfortunately the original harness was not.
So, original pickups installed with 920D harness.
Pickup wires are original, but spliced for length.
All the plastic is original.
Body has some nicks/dings that wouldn’t photograph, but nothing out of the ordinary for a guitar that’s been played.
Set up is good, neck is straight, but truss rod is as loose as it will go.
The 1st few frets show some pitting.
Not much there to dress, as they were small from the git-go.
If I was keeping it, I would definitely refret.
1-5/8ths nut width
.84 at the 1st fret, .92 at the 12th
Weighs 7.52 lbs
Pickups measure 5.58 bridge, 5.39 middle, 5.49 neck.
Comes with the original hardshell that’s in really nice shape.
Player Priced.

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