Our stock number: VG-2909. Alder body original '74 "Walnut" Maple neck. 100% original (Never touched any solider joints) in more than 8.75/10 condition. Only small ripping wears at body edge, but still keep dhining and clean. One small tipping wear at 1st strings side of neck, but no ecuse for play. Basically Walnut color Strat has "Black" pickguard, but in case of '74 Alder body, we can fing original "White" pickguard, but not so many!! Ledd than 7.6lb, feather weight and three original Gray bobbin pickups, amazing "Rock'n Roll" sound. With original Black Tolex case, ,Tremolo arm, White Tolemolo backplate. Bridge cover, Owner's manual, Strap, Tremolo spring box. We already set up more details and photos on our website, please check out!!

We are vintage Fender Stratocaster specialized shop in Tokyo, Japan. We are seeking vintage Fender Stratocaster, vintag Stratocaster parts, case and accessories. If you want to sale your collection, please feel free contact us any time!!

H. I. Guitars Inc. "Strato-Crazy"

H. I. Guitars Inc. "Strato-Crazy"

Original Hard
14 Years
H. I. Guitars Inc. "Strato-Crazy"
Hirori "KEY" Iwai
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo
8:23 PM
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We accept Bank wire transfer and casher's check. If you like casher's check, we will ship after your check will be cleared, it need two weeks.

We ship worlwide by EMS air with fuyll insurance. It need about a week. If you have Fedex account, we accept Fedex collect.

If you don't like our guitars, please let me know within 48 hours after you recieved. We guarnatee your return and 100% refund in any reason. But at that time, please take your return shipping cost and refund bank wire fee.