How fabulously cool is this?!!??!!! The Fender Stringmaster models of the 1950s and 60s were always at the top of the steel guitar world. Had the fabulous tone, had eight strings, had great adjustable legs, and had very cool cases to take them to gigs in. Thing is, they always had two necks, or three, or sometimes even four and unless you had a hefty roadie to tote things around for you, you were in for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single-neck version of these, never even heard of one but here it is, in all its glory. The ultra-cool thing about the Stringmaster models is that they had a secret control hiding right under the string cover. These Fender Stringmaster steels have two fabulous, special Fender single-coil pickups per neck, and the trick is that their coils are wound in opposite directions to each other, which means that when they’re both on you’ve got……a humbucker! What the secret control does is to fade the volume of only one of the pickups in and out, so that you’ve got that fab, fat Fender single-coil tone or a noiseless, fatter tone, to whatever degree you’d like to adjust it. I’ve gone over this guitar my own self, made sure everything works exactly as it’s sposeta and boy, does it ever. Got the brilliance, got that incomparable Fender steel tone for days. Comes with its original black 1960s Fender hard shell case with orange lining, ready to ride. Saddle up for only $1595 w/ohsc

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