Even if this amp didn't belong to Walter Becker (Steely Dan), it would be an amp that you would want to own. The "middle" tweeds are all the same amp section-the neglected Pro, the hard to find Super and the ├╝ber rare Bandmaster. Almost identical except for the output transformer impedance. Different ohms for different loads. The Super is probably the most practical (and lightest) of the three. It was, apparently, Leo Fender's favorite design. This one is pretty beat up but it is almost completely original. Only the AC cord (new three prong), tubes, handle and a few caps have been changed. Many of the 26 watt tweeds have replaced output transformers-they were undersized and when pushed hard for hours on end tended to burn up. This one is still original as is the rest of the iron. The speakers are date correct Jensen P10Q's which may or may not be original-most Supers came with R's but the Q is a better match anyway; they can handle the 26 watts better. A clean tweed Super is a $10K amp. This one is well priced and the provenance makes it a pretty good deal. I think. More photos coming. No shipping other than USA, Canada and Mexico please.

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