1955 Fender Telecaster. The body on this guitar has been extensively modified, and the neck is an AllParts, Fender licensed, reproduction.

The body features original finish in the neck cavity, with original body date of 1/55, just post dating the Black Guard era. The body features a forearm contour, a tummy contour, and rounded edges. The finish is an old translucent Cherry Red, revealing the nice grain of the Ash body. The finish is kinda cool, so we decided to leave as is.

We've installed a 1953 Fender lap steel pickup, adapted with Tele bottom plate in the bridge position. Sonically, these early lap steel pickups are identical to Black Guard Tele pickups. The bridge features brass saddles as used on Black Guard guitars. This guitar is set up to give true Black Guard sound at a fraction of the cost, and has been a remarkably successful attempt.

The guitar sounds great, looks unique, and is incredibly comfortable to play with the contoured body.

Original 50's parts include, body, bridge pickup, neck plate 65XX, strap buttons, jack cup, and some screws, including all neck plate screws.

The neck pickup is a very old Fender pickup, and may be native to this guitar, but not guaranteed. Same applies to control plate, and knobs.

Reproduction parts include AllParts neck, pick guard, aged tuners, bridge, pots, switch, and switch tip. The pots are CTS, the switch is CRL, and the jack is Switchcraft. These are all Custom Shop spec parts. This guitar will have none of the scratchiness or popping common with old parts, and is studio and road ready.

This guitar was put together to give true Black Guard sound at a fraction of the cost. The neck features a 10" radius, so will not fret out like vintage necks when asked to do extreme bends. You will not find a cheaper way to get to Black Guard sound.

Neck date is 1/55. Guitar weighs 7.2 lbs., perfect weight for a Tele, light but not too light. The neck measures ,826" at 1st fret, and .958 at 12th fret, putting it solidly into the medium range.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Keep the guitar for 48 hours, and if not fully satisfied, return for a full refund minus shipping charge.

Fiesta Finishes

Fiesta Finishes

Transluscent Cherry Red
10 Years
Fiesta Finishes
Paul McKenzie
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5:32 PM
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