Often Teles are so so but every once in a while you will find one that is exceptional, this is that Tele! Best playing neck I have ever had and I've had at least 100 of these pups in the past 45 years. My close friend, who is the best Tele player in the universe, was just here and could not put it down...This guitar is mainly original with a few exceptions: The back was refinished or oversprayed, not real sure which. It was refreted with the perfect fret wire, slightly larger and taller than the vintage frets, minor touch up at bottom front that seems to have mostly come off with use. The pots look correct but the solder is covering the date codes. Now the fun part, PLAYS AND SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Comes with a newer case...

Weighs 7 lbs., 10.5 oz.

Neck Pickup 7.00 k

Bridge Pickup 7.04 k

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

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AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars
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