Up for sale is a fantastic 1969 Fender Telecaster in very good original condition, including original untouched electronics and pickups with a fantastic sound and snappy tone. The recent refret makes it even more playable (original frets are included in the case).

The original finish shows uniform yellowing of the clear coat and minor checking, with some checking on the top and body perimeter. The pickguard has slight shrinkage and has a light crack at the lower treble side screw area. As any player over 50 years old, she has chips and dings throughout the body, but that patina makes it even better to play!

The maple neck has a moderately chunky C-shaped profile, and the headstock has its original block logo and set of “F” tuning machines, which turn smoothly and hold accurate pitch. The smooth gloss finish on the neck profile is nearly perfect, showing very little wear, while the body shows the nicks and dings of enjoyment this guitar has provided for over 50 years. There's a larger chip (most likely from a hanging guitar holder - this has happened to other guitars I own), but it is not on the neck and doesn't affect playability. (see pictures)

The original single coil pickup pair offers sparkle and tasty twang in the bridge position, with a snappy percussive cut when both pickups are engaged and a smooth, round neck pickup sound with ideal clarity for complex chording.

The original electronics function as intended, with original single coil pickups, untouched solder joints, and a transitional combination of plastic and cloth-covered leads.

I've had so much fun playing this guitar through a Marshall, Positive Grid, Vox, Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Vibroverb, Twin reverb, and a Fender Princeton. This guitar puts out fantastic sounds as needed in any environment and is a very versatile guitar.

This is both an excellent player and a beautiful collectible guitar. Includes the original black Tolex hardshell case with an orange interior.

We respond timely to inquiries. Please reach out with questions before purchase.

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