Today's topics are as follows: a 1972 Telecaster and Situational Awareness. "Ok Alex, I'll take Situational awareness for a $1000.00." Ding, Ding, Ding- "Stevie, that's the daily double, so how much do you wanna wager?"

  • You: "Well, hmmm. I don't exactly know Alex."
  • Alex: "Need I remind you that our defending champion has this all but locked up, so go for broke."
  • You: "Yeah, you're right." (like, you got a chance but hey, let's not play for a tie. Play to win. Aww yeah.)
  • Alex: "You're at a rave and a naked man runs out of the bedroom with a bottle of gin and a bullwhip. What is your next plausible step?
  • You: "Look forward and visualize potential scenarios using the axis of time (short, medium and long term) and severity (best case to worst case.)
  • Alex: (Looking for confirmation from the judges) "Yes, they agree. Well played Stevie, straight from the Crisis Management Guidance and Good Practice Standard Guidelines."

    Situational awareness. In your case, you're jamming on stage with your boys and that's when you get the call- yeah, you know, "the call." It happens every night in a local bar and grille near you. "The call" comes from a drunken redneck and how does it go? "Play Free Bird." That's when it becomes a situation and that is where your lead singer shows said redneck he's number one, right?

    That's "the situation" and now here comes the "awareness" part. This is where the mean mugging begins from said redneck and that's also when Mongo the bass player steps right up and gently removes sense of humor from the Skynyrd fan. Been there have ya? Yep- you can't be on the scene without this kinda of nonsense. In your case, you just wanna play your version of "Everybody Wants Some" while checking out the local talent, if'n you know where I'm a coming from.

  • Alex: "Ok, Stevie. This is for the win."
  • You: (nervous, but cognisant) "Aw, uhh, ok Alex."
  • Alex: "What was the last year Fender used lacquer, a wiring route and a maple cap on a Telecaster?
  • You: (being a guitarist and all) "Answer is 1969."
  • Alex: "Well played! You are the newest champion on Jeopardy!" (met with thunderous applause.)

    I know- we are discussing a 1972 Telecaster and we all know this guitar doesn't have those three features, but what she does possess is the one thing some of you out there desire more than Pamela Anderson on a yacht, wearing swashbuckling gear and rocking an eye patch, no less. That one thing is? Yep, you're astute today- that beautiful rosewood fingerboard.

    This guitar is kinda rare in that regard because as you may know, most of these little twangy girls sported maple but this Tele, as you can clearly see does not and to sweeten the deal, she's just a mere 7 lbs, 7 oz. This baby kept her motor clean and is just that- original and did I mention clean?

    The difference between a victim and a survivor is often a low level of situational awareness (or not having the services of Mongo). Mongo knows three things:

  • 1: Telecasters with rosewood fingerboards are rare.
  • 2: Mongo knows when he's being crept on.
  • 3: That girl swaying to and fro makes Mongo happy.

    Don't correct Mongo or you'll be aware that you're in a situation. Capice?

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    1972 Excellent Blonde Original Hard


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