What we have here is a great sounding guitar composed of actually 2 early 1970s Telecasters (back plate serial # 372XXX). The body and electronics are original 1973 and appears that the solder joints have never been broken or out on entire harness which dates by the (1 meg) pot code to the 49th week of 1973 ... the latest date in the guitar. In front i wanted to thank Steve Soest for his valued inspection and 2nd opinion. 70s solder joints were not as clean as their 50s and 60s work but this is consistent to what we have seen over the years but if not the parts are certainly original to each other varifiable by date codes. The neck is from a 1971 Tele and under the right lights reveals a dated neck with June 71 B and though that makes this guitar a Franenstein in that regard ... if you're gonna have a neck from that era how cool is it to have an earlier SINGLE STRING TREE and Rosewood board and at a discounted price. Teles are plenty bright out the gate but my fave combo is with the rosewood board because it ads warmth and balls on top especially with this one. It's a powerful yet toney beast!!! Not a featherweight weighing in at just over 9 lbs (9 3 oz's). Though a cool neck to have that is 1 of 2 reasons that it is not priced at $4500 but over a grand and a half less. The 2nd is that there appears to have been a solid ouch taken to the back of the body bass side lower bout that was touched up but not professionally (see back pic). But all in all definitely a great "players" early 70s Tele made form all 1973 and 1971 Fender parts. Other than the neck .... ALL parts are dated 1973 including an inner body code treble p.u. cavity (see pic) Under the copper plate on the treble pick up. Comes with a hard shell case.

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

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Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")
Dan Yablonka ("Axes Of E-Ville")
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