What we have here is not only a guitar owned and played vigorously by the Master Roy Buchanan but we have a guitar that Roy actually worked on himself and it has the infamous “Roy Mod”. This modification has been spoke about, and inquiries were made to the current owner from well known guitar builders in Nashville to measure the very unlikely components used. But the mods (see pics) were never measured. This 1983 52 Reissue Telecaster is uncharacteristically light and has one original pot and one swapped out as Roy always did to get the taper he demanded. This guitar was obviously a transition to the Roy Buchanan Models produced by Guild, Bill Lawrence and Fritz Bros. in the mid to late 80’s sporting the Stratocaster neck pickup. There is no doubt that this guitar IS a Telecaster but it has a very unique sound. The guitar also has a graphite nut and locking tuners installed by Roy himself.
It comes with direct provenance and chain of ownership from Roy’s lawyer (the guitar was payment for services) to the current owner. It also comes with a great picture of Roy Playing this very guitar. It also comes with the original tweed reissue case.
Is this guitar as important of a guitar as Roy’s prized “Nancy” obviously not, but this is a rare opportunity to get inside the head of one of the most innovative and important electric guitar players.We will accept reasonable offers



1983 (1952 reissue)
Original Hard
23 Years
Jeff Firestone
(603) 357 9732
Keene, NH
11:36 AM
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