Fender’s Telecaster Custom model took a wild turn in 1972 when they deleted the body binding, replaced the neck pickup with the new Wide Range humbucker and extra potentiometers, and replaced the four bolt neck with the new Microtilt joint. The resulting guitar allowed the player to take advantage of the ionic Telecaster bridge pickup but with the added thickness and heat of a good humbucker in the neck position. The extra volume and tone knobs allowed for a bit of flexibility when leveling out the two distinctive pickups and looked killer on the new pickguard design.

This clean 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom has just landed from the son of the original owner. It arrived in all original condition and required nothing but simple cleaning, restring, and setup. Now it’s playing nicely on all original parts except for the strings. The frets and neck are in great shape and show light wear. Both pickups are strong and the electronics are unmolested. It comes with the original case, leather strap, capo, coily cable, bridge cover, and 70s Fender pick. We’re confident you’ll love playing this one as much as we do.
True Vintage Guitar

True Vintage Guitar

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True Vintage Guitar
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