It's a very interesting phenomenon how color can evoke an emotion from a human being. What's even more interesting is the fact that the same color can evoke a different feeling from two different people. If you go back and look at how many songs have been written about a color, or colors, the number is pretty incredible and it's been going on for decades.

So, to the color red; Like the terms "money green" or "true blue," the color red has an immediate effect on many people. When I see a red guitar, like the one before you one of two songs usually pops into my head and then stays stuck there for the rest of the day. They are completely different songs written by two completely different bands and concern completely different subject matters. "Music and Colors"- that would make a great college course if you wanted to screw off for a semester, now wouldn't it?

The first song is by that seminal band, Rush and the title is "Red Lenses" off of the album "Grace Under Pressure." My take is, this song addresses several subjects, from the inequalities and temperature of the world at the time to poverty, self-awareness and the actual meanings of the color red itself. That's typical Peart (RIP,) going deep and making the listener think about more than the six-pack of lukewarm beer on the seat next to you.

"And truth is often bitter left unsaid
Said red red
Thinking about the overhead
The underfed
Couldn't we talk about
Something else instead"

The second song is from the band Warrant. Now, if you want to talk about opposites, we certainly have that here with these two bands. Warrant was hair band rock at its finest, with hot chicks, great music videos and all the hairspray and guitar solos you could ever want. That said, one of their most poignant and aching songs used the color red to describe the emotion it evoked. The title of the song is "I Saw Red" and it lays bare the feelings of love and hurt, followed by betrayal. To me, it seems like an odd song coming from the same boys that wrote "Cherry Pie," but at some point in time, somebody in that band was hurt to their bones and this song crushingly describes their pain.

"Then I saw red
When I opened up the door
I saw red
My heart just spilled onto the floor
And I didn't need to see his face
I saw yours
I saw red and then I closed the door I don't think I'm gonna love you anymore"

The fact that one can pull all of that feeling and information simply from a color is intriguing, at least to me but again and to pivot to this guitar, the mere color can evoke a song and/or the emotions that go along with it. Just wait until we get a green guitar or bass in here and then it's off to the races...
This Tele Plus has been well-played and you can clearly see the signs of hours and hours of faithfully producing music at a high level. To address the mouse in the house, there's a quite visible doink on the lower edge of the guitar, but I'm being a master of the obvious. It does, in no way affect the tone or playability of the guitar and although you'll find many imperfections on this instrument. the mere act of plugging it into an amp will fade them all into a crimson red oblivion.

We always welcome you to call, email or PM with any questions and thank you once again for stopping by. In the land of the Elks, all are welcome and who knows, maybe we'll get your favorite color in next time. I can't wait to do "Paint it Black" by the Stones...

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