Hey Gang, When it rain, it frickin' pours! Ok, here's the deal. A super good friend of mine dug this out of his stash the was 25 deep with amps. It was a originally Tweed of course, but we all know the early-mid-60's amp thing! Tweeds and blonds were going black! My buddy knew all the old Fender posse from the Fullerton days. Well, he had Sam recover in the early black levant. You can tell Sam's work a mile away! So what happened, when I went to pick the amp up all he had for and upper back panel was an early white ill fitting panel. Thus, the name Tuxedo Black! Now everybody is ordering them that away. JB has a front line of them! Back to the amp. Just service by the only tech sloth of L.A. Look at the code number. The only true Twin that rules the stage! You will not hear a better Twin. If you're in the area and are a serious dude or dudette feel free to come in and try and blow it up! Won't happen. She's bomb proof!  

Guitars West

Guitars West

18 Years
Guitars West
Gary "Big Hern" Hernandez
Murrieta, CA
8:23 PM
Be sure to call first cause were in and out of the shop! MON-FRI 11-6 SAT 11-4

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