1966 Fender Twin Reverb. The blackface Twin Reverb is a true classic, producing some of the most instantly recognizable clean guitar tones! Fair cosmetic condition with normal tolex wear and a small grill cloth rip. Power transformer is the correct Fender part, but dates a little later to 1972. Great working condition and serviced with a 3-prong power cord, upgraded grid screen resistors as well as new filter and supply caps (normal maintenance for these older amps). The rest circuit remains very original retaining all of the critical blue molded tone caps and carbon comp resistors. Speakers are non-original to the amp, but are a correct pair of red/gold Fender-labeled Jensen C12NA’s with matching date codes of the 11th week of 1966, making them a perfect fit for this July of 1966 production amp. One speaker has been professionally re-coned by Gordon “Speakerman” Kjellberg. This amp sounds spectacular and is big and warm. Great headroom, but you can still get these older blackface Twins to break up a bit with out going too crazy with the volume. The lows stay firm and the top end is wonderfully glassy with a clear, crisp sound. This amp is a perfect player with a huge vintage Fender tone!

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