Such a cool little amp! For your consideration a 1969 Fender Vibro Champ! This super cool little drip edge amp puts out 5 watts making it ideal for practicing and recording. All tube, it has a RCA 5Y3, a RCA 6V6 and two Mullard 12ax7s. The new Weber Alnico really allows this amp to shine. Great clean tones and deep swooshy vibrato up to 5/6 on the volume. Killer overdrive/distorted tones at 7 and up. We absolutely love these late 60s drip edges, they just look amazing and sound even better!

Year: 1969

Serial: A25282

Condition: This amp is in good condition.

Modifications: This amp has a new Weber Alnico. The power cord has been upgraded to a grounded three prong. Some of the tubes have been replaced. Some caps have been replaced.

Comments: Gotta love a good drip edge!

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