Offered for sale:

Used 1966 Fender Vibro Champ Amp type AA764 serial number A 09919.

This amp is in very good condition, fully functional, the speaker is a non-original Eminence Legend, the power cord had been replaced at some point but is still a 2-prong, the “Death cap” appears to have been replaced, the remainder is original. Cosmetically showing very minor tolex separation and a minor scuff or two, overall, quite clean.

The tube chart is stamped PC, March 1966. The transformers were made in late 1965.

There is a smudged stamp by the footswitch jack that seems to end in 67. But considering the tube chart code, the stamp on the inside of the chassis and the date of the transformers we’re sticking with 1966.

The Champ storied history began in 1948 as a 4-watt amp with a single 8-inch speaker in the form of the original Champion 800. It was soon replaced by the even-smaller Champion 600 a year later. While both of these early versions were tweed, the Champ was overhauled in 1964 in the “blackface” style with a black Tolex covering. Also, by 1964 vibrato had become a regular feature in the Fender line. A new deluxe version of the Champ was also released with the effect built into the amp. Hence the the Vibro Champ. Throughout its 19-year history, starting in 1964 and culminating in 1982, the Vibro Champ and the standard Champ carved a niche as a great sounding amp despite being at the entry level of Fender amplifiers.

As most know, the simplistic beauty of these amps is the bright chimey tone at moderate levels that turns into a sweet overdriven tone when pushed harder. Sometimes greatness comes in small packages.

“We test every used amp and pedal when we buy it and bring it up to our standards before we offer it for sale. Then we burn it in for an hour or so before we ship so that there are no surprises.”

Single button footswitch not included.


Weight lbs.: 20.2

Width in.: 17

Depth in.: 7

Height in.: 14

Transformer Codes:

Power Transformer: -606-5-50 Schumacher, Dec 1965

Output Transformer: 606-5-48 Schumacher, Nov 1965


Rectifier: 5Y3

Preamp: 2 x 12AX7

Power: 6V6

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