Here’s a 1966 Blackface Fender Vibrolux Reverb that reminds us once again why these amps are so coveted by players and collectors. 35 watts from a pair of 6L6s give it all the power you need to play most any venue.

The original speakers in this amp have been replaced with a pair of JBL K110 speakers which deliver a punchy but articulate sound. The JBL speakers seem to extend the clean headroom of the amp quite a bit but we all know that Vibroluxes are meant to played at 10 anyway, right? But seriously, if you love the tone of a Vibrolux but wish you had a little more headroom to work with, this amp will do the trick.

Fender routinely used parts from various years when building amps and guitars and that’s illustrated on this amp. The tube chart indicates an early 65 amp. The transformers date to late 65. But the chassis serial number dates to early 66 and so we’re calling this one a 1966. Any way you look at it, the AA864 circuit delivers the goods.

This Vibrolux is all original except for the aforementioned speakers, a few caps, and a modern two-button Reverb/Tremolo footswitch. The amp is in good condition. There are a few small rips in the grill cloth, the tolex has some scuffs and tears as well, but the faceplace is beautifully clean and the amp presents well overall.

Includes a tour-ready wheeled road case for safe transport wherever you need to go.

Year: 1966

Make: Fender

Model: Vibrolux Reverb Amp

Color: Black Tolex

Serial: A04862

Case: Wheeled Road Case

Condition: Good

Modifications: Replaced speakers, some replaced caps, modern foot switch

Comments: This Blackface Vibrolux Reverb is a real winner.

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