It's Yngwie's personally owned and ripped upon Fender Stratocaster Signature Malmsteen, with a 1962 Reissue rosewood neck that was custom scalloped by none other than, Larry Lashbrook!!!!!

This Fender Stratocaster was 100% authentically owned by Malmsteen. Yngwie custom fitted this neck to a modern body a few years back to play on tour with and he has been the only one to ever play it.

This guitar came from a close friend of YJM's in Miami, who sells his personal guitars for him on a regular basis. He has videos on youtube he made with YJM, to sell his really old vintage stratocasters. I can send you links he made with YJM, commissioning his guitars.
He took the picture of him holding the guitar in his Miami recording studio. YM signed the back of it, as well as the Certificate of Authenticity. The picture of Malmsteen and this Strat are 100% Authentic. It comes with the original photo of Yngwie with the Stratocaster, signed Certificate of Authenticity, hard case, a set of his unreleased Fender Super Bullet strings and 3 signature picks.

This YJM owned Tone Rocket is a solid 9/10.

The setup on this Strat is for YJM, and has never been altered. It's just how he played it!!!

There is some pick swirls and YJM's hand grime on the tremolo, it's a tad dirty. I can't bring myself to clean it....

The neck is sanded at the pocket joint, to allow wood on wood contact with body.

There is a very small paint chip on the side of the neck pocket(Small Horn side).

Electronics are in perfect working condition!!!

Frets are Large and have minimal wear.

You don't have to push hard on them since it's scallopped, hence the little amount of wear.

Neck is beautiful! He has it set with just a small amount of relief.

Truss rod = 100%. Has no back term cover.

It has 3 original Kluson tuners and three modern tuners.

Yngwie screwed in oversized screws to hold his tuners in place. Why are they miss matched? Only

Yngwie knows....

The middle pickup is sunk way down, probably to allow his lightning speed pick attack.

YJM's DNA is all over this monster. It is the best playing scalloped I have ever played!!!

This is an awesome collectible piece, owned and used by Yngwie J. Malmsteen himself, don't miss this opportunity!

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