Circa 1850 Firth & Pond parlor guitar made by James Ashborn. The guitar is a typical example of Ashborn's craftsmanship with solid Brazilian rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, Brazilian rosewood veneer over spruce back, Brazilian rosewood veneered neck and headstock (front and back) and and ebony fret board. The original ebony nut is present as well, a signature item of Ashborn instruments identifiable by the fact that it is actually slightly wider than the fret board and is rounded at both ends rather than flat. The guitar also sports a most attractive folk art portrait that appears to be contemporary to the guitar's manufacture painted on the top just below the bridge. Close examination reveals very fine detail and color that is still quite vibrant after having been present for more than a century. The ebony bridge on the guitar currently is not the original. It is the same length as the original, though it may be slightly greater in width than the original (if so, not much). The interior bracing of the guitar is original and intact, though the very dainty original bridge plate has been supplemented with a veneer at some point in the past. There are some old crack repairs to the top, back and sides and there is a headstock crack that has also been repaired (seems very solid and well done). The guitar is currently non-functional and in need of a significant amount of repair in order to be restored to playable condition. As noted, the bridge is not is also loose from the top AND too tall for the guitar, it should be replaced with a bridge more appropriate in height and ideally one that replicates an original Ashborn style bridge. There are multiple top cracks (perhaps 10?) that require repair. None of these cracks are open or will require splinting. The transverse top braces above and below the soundhole are loose on either end and will need to be reglued. The neck is straight, no bow or twist and the neck joint is solid. All of the body joints seem solid as well. Perhaps the most important thing for the restoration of this guitar is that the original tuners are still present with the guitar. This is critical with Ashborn guitars because Ashborn manufactured everything for his guitars, including the tuners, and the tuners for this particular model (along with many other Ashborns) were actually inset into the side rail of the headstock of the guitar meaning that no other set of tuners will fit without modifying the headstock. Interestingly though, you'll notice that the crown gears on the bass and treble sides are different, as are the buttons (rosewood on one side, ebony on the other), indicating that either they were mis-matched from the day they came out of the factory OR one side was replaced at the factory very early in the guitar's life. The guitar comes with its original coffin case which is in reasonably good condition for being 170 years old. The handle and both original brass latches are present. One hinge for the lid is gone. The original lining has been replaced at some point with burlap. The accessory box is intact with lid. One small piece of the case lid is missing at the bottom, visible in the first photo. Due to condition this item is sold AS IS with no return option, so please ask any and all questions before you decide to buy. I guarantee the item to be as described, and will only accept a return under condition that it is shown to be different than described and pictured in this listing. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM. Ships to US only. Happily entertaining reasonable offers.

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

Firth & Pond (James Ashborn)
Original Hard
17 Years
Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair
Steven Kovacik
Scotia, NY
9:32 PM
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