A beautiful thing. Here Steve Fischer pairs Cocobolo and Lutz Spruce with a fingerstyle fretboard and L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup in his Concerto body: the result is elegance and power. The setup is velvet smooth, and the way notes roll out of the soundhole you’d think there was a matching velvet carpet on the inside. Individual notes in the bass and mid ranges have an extra dose of definition, keeping complex chords articulate, while the trebles cut through with a cool and crisp response.
A fingerstyle guitar needs to have a voice dialed in for clarity and dynamic response. A guitar for fingers needs to have a specific brand of sustain, where notes retain definition as they decay, where overtones accompany, rather than overcharge. This 2013 Fischer Concerto threads the needle for each of these requirements. It’s with guitars like these that we’re reminded of just how much beauty a single luthier’s touch can bring to raw Spruce and Rosewood. This is not one you’ll want to miss.

Other keywords: lutherie, finger style, fingerpick, fingerpicking, dadgad, altered tuning, open tuning, gotoh, venetian cutaway

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Fischer, Steve
Rosewood - Cocobolo
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