It used to be, in the land of guitars the player with the biggest guitar got the most attention, but we think the tide's starting to turn back in favor of the small-bodied guitars like this Mahogany-and-Spruce P35 from David Flammang. Whereas a big box requires lots of energy to play, wearing you out more quickly, and often with a tone that's only moderately well-balanced, these smaller guitars are practically weightless, require little energy to sing loud and proud, and can offer the player a surgically-precise voice that complements their every strum.Tuned down to DADF#AD or even Cadd9, and this Flammang Parlor remained crisp and expressive, offering an impressive amount of sustain for such a small package. The unwound strings have heaps of delightful overtones that require very little to set them off, and with all that sustain you can bet those sweet overtones will linger in the air for a while. Ragtime tunes? This P35 eats them for breakfast. Basically any fingerpicking style you can imagine, and this Flammang will sing like a dove.

Year Condition Color
2014 Near Mint Mahogany


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