Flickinger Caged Crow Distortion Pedal - Blue


Old School 80's fuzzy distortion! hand-wired and hand-painted in USA

What we think:

The Yellow letters really pop on the deep blue background of this Caged Crow! Nice pedalboard candy!

WOW, This thing has it going on! A super verstaile distortion box. A most true distortion. We can get OD tones with the Sustain down and volume up, but where this pedal really hits is at higher gain. Really nice smooth distortion with the tone rolled down a bit, but can really cut through when you get it up past 12:00. It's like if a Big Muff, TS808, and Fuzz Face got into a blood-bath fist fight, and a new creature was created with the mix of the DNA!! The SuperPedal!

Manufacturer Description:

The Caged Crow is an old school style distortion pedal. 
Two BC183c BJTs (same transistor family as the original Si Fuzz F@ces) and a BS170 MOSFET (like most Flickinger Tone Boxes) 
create a terrific distortion pedal with fantastic control and dynamics. 
Edgy and crunchy with good sustain and lots of volume boost to spare. The following instructions will help you get the most out of your Caged Crow. 

This controls the overall output volume of your Caged Crow. 
Be aware, this device is capable of a very large volume boost to your signal. Make sure not to overload other effects or your amplifier! 

This is a passive low-pass tone control. The Caged Crow has been voiced to allow a strong treble boost. 
The 12 o'clock position is flat. Knob position below the center position will give you bassier sounds, and turning the knob to the right will boost your highs. 

This knob controls the sustain and distortion added to your guitar signal. Fully counter-clockwise is the lowest setting, giving a nice gritty edge. 
Increase the control to achieve your desired sustain. 

Your Caged Crow can use a standard 9V battery. Also, the jack on the side accepts a standard 2.1mm (BOSS type) AC adapter. 
Make sure the center pin is negative. Using the wrong polarity will not harm the pedal, however it will not function. 

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