Flickinger Germanium Griffin Fuzz Boost Guitar Pedal Used


Touch sensative Fuzz Boost pedal from Flickinger!

What we think:

It just keeps getting better with every new product from Flickinger!  This Fuzz Boost provides amazing note seperation.  Players who may not normally like fuzz will need to give this pedal a try!  When picking lightly, you get a touch of hair on your sound, but when you really dig in, this pedal comes alive and fills out. 

The amount of volume boost can get out of hand, so be careful or the griffin will show it's wrath!! treat this little guy well and you are sure to please the audience with fullbodied fuzzy goodness!

Rich started using a matte finish with the base color of this new pedal which really makes the Griffin graphic pop!  We love the direction this line is going in.

Talk to Sound Pure today about the entire line of Flickinger Tone Box pedals.  You're bound to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Manufacturer Description:

The Germanium Griffin is a Fuzz-Boost that uses two NOS Russian Germanium transistors for its characteristic tone.


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