Flickinger Petal Pusher Buffer and Boost Pedal - White


The first compact Flickinger Tone Box! What a great lil treat for your board!

What we think:

First thing you notice is the amazingly small footprint this pedal provides. A real space saver for your board! Next is the paint job. WOW! A local Raleigh artist designed the floral print and bottom dancing devils. Very cool, in my book!

two best uses for this pedal-

Buffer: have a ton of true-bypass pedals? you'll want to use this as a buffer

Boost: love your tone but just need more of it? use this as a clean boost. and there ya go!

I've been obsessing over these small pedals for a while. I love the entire Flickinger line, and this is a welcome addition to the team! Great job, Rich! 


Manufacturer Description:

The Flickinger Tone Boxes Petal Pusher is a line buffer, line driver, and boost pedal all in one compact enclosure. 

This controls the overall output volume of your Petal Pusher. Be aware, this device is capable of a very large volume boost to your signal. Make sure not to overload other effects or your amplifier! At full counter-clockwise position, your Petal Pusher acts as a unity gain line buffer to help negate impedance mismatches within your signal chain. Put the effect at the beginning or end of your signal path for this purpose. As you turn the control clockwise, you get a subtle transparent boost to your signal. This is great for eliminating signal loss due to long cable runs or having many true-bypass pedals. At full clockwise, the Petal Pusher can force other pedals or your amp into greater saturation and sustain. Or you can use it as a lead boost! 

Your Petal Pusher uses a 2.1mm (BOSS type) 9V AC adapter. Make sure the center pin is negative. Using the wrong polarity will not harm the pedal, however it will not function. 

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